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•  Video Production

•  Nonfiction/Journalism Writing

•  Fiction & Poetry Writing

•  Photography

•  Radio

•  Podcasting

•  Songwriting & Recording

•  Sports Media

•  Humor & Satire Writing

•  My Commons Life

Video Production


Participants in this track will receive hands-on instruction in the Vanderbilt Video Production studios where they will learn camera techniques, video editing, audio production, directing, and on-camera talent. By the end of the program, participants in this track will have produced their very own television show, short film, or viral video and be well on their way to being stars on campus.


Nonfiction/Journalism Writing


Ask smart questions, have a conversation and tell a meaningful story. Whether you're interested in journalism, biography, research, or writing, this track will guide you step-by-step as you research an individual, develop thoughtful interview questions, conduct an in-person interview, organize your findings and write a personality profile.

Fiction & Poetry Writing


Creative writers will enjoy meeting fellow students who share a love of words, art, and storytelling. Join fellow students and encouraging instructors as you strengthen your skills, explore new techniques, and learn from peers. This track gives you the space and skills you need to hone your craft.



Sharpen your photography skills on Vanderbilt's beautiful campus. Beginners and experienced photographers will learn tips and techniques to elevate them to the next level. Areas of focus may include lighting, portraiture, photojournalism, sports photography and more. Bring your camera and explore your new home with fellow photographers.





Are you the master of Spotify playlists?  Do you love talking music, sports, politics, or pop culture?  Share these gifts with the world as a participant in the radio track, which allows students the opportunity to train at both of our radio stations, WRVU and VandyRadio.  You’ll have a chance to produce a live show on both stations, and write for the station blogs, too, if you’d like. This track also includes a one-of-a-kind tour of a local Nashville radio station.



Students will learn how to choose audio stories, record interesting sound bites, and edit audio files to produce their very own podcast. This track will include engaging presentations, experienced guest speakers, and an amazing group of new friends. Sign up for Media Intensive's newest track and start your Vanderbilt student media journey in the world of audio storytelling!

Songwriting & Recording


Vanderbilt is located in the heart of Music City, and we’re looking for all singers, songwriters, musicians, and music producers. You’ll be hands-on inside our studio at VRS (Vanderbilt Recording Studio) creating a song from concept to completion using state-of-the-art equipment and recording software.

Sports Media


Let's be honest: Covering SEC athletics is really fun. If you love sports and can't wait to watch the Commodores on the field, on the court, in the bowling lanes, and more, in this track you'll learn how to cover collegiate athletics like a pro. Your instructor will guide you through the process of finding interesting stories to tell and tell them well.




Humor & Satire Writing


If you’re funny and you know it, this is for you. Or maybe you just see the world with a particular point of view. This track will help you learn how to develop a strong comedic point of view on topical news and pop culture events, how to use your tools as a humorist, and the skills needed to deploy them on the page.




My Commons Life is an online media outlet with content produced exclusively by first-year students for first-year students. Students attending this track will become this year's MCL team for the site and will learn to produce video projects, the CommonsCast podcast, as well as written feature pieces. Participants in this track will get an early, behind-the-scenes exploration of the people, places and events of the Commons, then serve their peer community by sharing those stories, from serious to fun and wacky. 

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